How To Purchase

Orders may be sent by either email or regular mail to our office:

Contact Us with your orders

  • When ordering by email we will provide an order confirmation and ship date.
  • In the event of inventory backorders you will be notified by either email or phone if there is any delay.
  • Orders will be shipped by Priority Mail/USPO within 2 to 3 days - unless otherwise notified.
  • All payments are due within 10 days of order/bill receipt. Checks, cash, credit cards and money orders are all accepted
  • Direct shipping and billing to client or practitioner.
  • All orders are packaged in bottles or jars with labels personalized with:
    practitioner name and phone number, client name, formula type, ingredients, quantity, dosage and instructions, and date.
  • Shipping fee for most orders is $5.75 - Contact us for a quote for shipping larger orders or out of state orders.

All our ingredients are organic whenever possible. We use cut and sifted herbs as well as powders so your ingredients can be freshly ground just for your formula. Oils currently available are organic food grade sesame, sunflower, almond, and coconut AND organic essential oils. We also use organic ghee. Please see the following page for list of herb and spice inventory. We are open to your inquiries about adding other custom choices and special needs.

Product Pricing

Per Capsule:

(Orders are available in 100 cap increments per formula)

Order size per formula:

  • 100 capsules - $18.00
  • 200 capsules - $35.00
  • 300 capsules - $52.00

Per Ounce of Churna:

(All churnas are $4.00 per ounce)

  • 2 oz. - $8.00
  • 4 oz. - $16.00 etc.

Medicated Salve:

  • 4 oz. - $18.00

Medicated Nasya:

  • 2 oz. - $18.00

Medicated Ghee or Oils:

  • Standard or Custom 9 oz. $35.00


  • Anuvasana Basti - Organic Sesame Oil, Bala, Ghee, Honey, Rock Salt - 1 ½ cups per application $13.00 ea.
  • Niruha Basti - Fresh spring water, Dashmoola 1 ½ cups per application $13.00 ea.

Custom Bastis available - coconut oil based Anuvasana Bastis for Pittas, contact us for special order.